what happened?

march 30th, 2023 - reconstruction has begun! demo should be ready to go... sooner or later. you know how it is.

april 3rd, 2023 - bookmarks have been ported to check this out. if you have a website you'd like featured, drop me a link!

april 14th, 2023 - started importing my artwork. all pieces are hosted externally now, so load times should hopefully be improved. thank you for your patience :]

april 18th, 2023 - nutshell has been added! this is one of my favourite tools to use in sitebuilding, and i've added it around the site to assist with clarity and site flow. thank you nicky!

april 24th, 2023 - changelog has been implemented. just a place to put these announcements, so this page doesnt end up a million miles long.

april 25th, 2023 - changed the font from sadgrl's default, nunito, to a minecraft inspired one from jdgraphics. feels much more on brand.

april 26th, 2023 - edited greeting text.

april 30th, 2023 - added an about page. will be updated when i figure out what to write there.

may 1st, 2023 - edited my about. still need to add my favourite minecraft blocks, colours, and other such niceties.

may 12th, 2023 - cleaned up check this out, added some links i've been collecting.

also, new featured site: infinite shoals. give them a visit, i hear it's lovely this time of year.

may 21st, 2023 - QoL update for check this out and about. one is more frivolous than the other.

also playing with the theming for this site - looking to make it more apocalypse/horror than it is currently. just concepts at the moment.